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  • New T&Cs for your website? Consulting agreement for new client? NDA for new supplier?
  • Get an easy-to-use legal template to give your business a solid legal foundation. We have legal templates covering any situation. Our lawyers can help adjust the contract to precisely meet your needs
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  • Received a contract but unsure of the implications? Need to ensure your contract protects you?
  • Our experienced lawyers review any type of contract or agreement and ensure your interests are protected. Your lawyer will answer any questions you have and address your concerns
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Contract Checking

We check your contracts and agreements

We ensure that there are no confusing or hard to understand provisions, exclusions, or limitations in contracts you have sent to us. We will return a revised copy of your original contract or agreement.

Our team will read any fine print and send you a revised version or additional comments, helping you to make informed decisions.
  • We analyze any agreements or contracts to ensure accuracy and reliability, including obligation
  • We review your goals and whether or not their are met in the contract
  • We ensure there is nothing confusing in the contract and will help you understand the content
When reviewing your contract, your lawyer will:
  • Check that the contract is clear, legally valid and enforceable
  • Highlight any problems and shortfalls and explain their implications
  • Review your aims and how well the contract meets them
  • Address any specific questions or concerns you may have
  • If relevant, suggest modifications and alternative wordings to better protect your interests
Focusing on contracts, our lawyers have extensive experience and can help review any kind of contract. We always use the most experienced lawyer for your contract.

You can see an overview of some of the types of contracts we review.

Our lawyers

  • All of our associates have graduated from respected law schools in the US
  • All are located and licensed in the US
  • Our lawyers specialize in providing expertise in personal and business contract law
Every one of the lawyers in our network are experience, qualified and in first-class standing. While Tact cannot make any representation as to the qualifications, competence, or credentials of any participating lawyer, each lawyer or attorney is screened in great detail by Tact. Further, the vast majority of them are graduates from one of the top US law schools, and the ones that aren’t still have a proven track record of achievement.

Note that while we can help you go through the process and prepare the papers and all our lawyers are qualified and experienced, Tact is not a law firm and we therefore cannot offer legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact a qualified lawyer or attorney. Please see our Terms & Conditions for details.

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