Contract Reviews: Here's Why They're Important

30 Apr 2014

In today’s modern world, we make decisions through contracts. Whether that’s business contracts, leases, agreements or Terms & Conditions statements, we are surrounded by an overabundance of paperwork. Most of it confusing and boring paperwork that if not handled correctly, could result in serious legal issues. Nobody wants to get in trouble. That’s why everyone should seriously consider having a contract review by a qualified lawyer.

You don’t want people to get the wrong idea

For starters, one reason to get your contract reviewed is to make sure you know what you’re signing. Imagine that you and your manager have a long conversation. You both like what you hear, and he hands you a contract. You sign it. Thinking that everything will go as planned. But then reality hits you, and somewhere along the lines you accidentally agreed to something that your manager “forget” to add. Sound familiar? Don’t fall for this trap. Get your contract checked and make sure your employer knows what you are and aren’t willing to do. If you are making a contract, you should also be aware that a contract should be precise, concise, professional and to the point. You don’t want vague ideas floating around, or statements that are unclear. You want your employee or client to know exactly what you are looking for. Getting your contract checked by a professional will help minimize any misunderstandings and strengthen the overall message of your agreement.

You don’t want to break the law

Another reason is because contracts, in nature, are a big deal. When signing a contract you have to be sure you’re not breaking the law. Before signing anything, you should always read it carefully. Is the employer safe? Is the business a scam? There are safety concerns at risk, not just legal issues. It is irresponsible to sign a contract that could later end up in a law suit, or sign a contract without reading the rights you as an individual are entitled to. Be safe and check your contract before signing any paperwork.

In addition, for those who are making a contract, it wouldn’t hurt to get it reviewed by a qualified professional either. You have to make sure that your contract is safe, legal and is not cheating the rights of your employees. If caught, your business could end up in a lot of trouble. Or, cease to exist at all. If you are ever unsure of anything that is proposed in your contract, the wisest thing to do would be to get it checked by a lawyer.

You don’t want to spend more than you have to

Lastly, who’s up for lawyer rates and fees? Getting your contract checked by a lawyer is probably the most convenient, affordable and safest route to take. This says: “I’m responsible, I’m a law abiding citizen, and I want the best for my clients.” When your employees realize that your contract has been checked and approved by a qualified professional, your credibility and trustworthiness towards them will escalate. They will be more persuaded to work with you because of their perception of your business’s character and ethics.

Getting your contract checked by a conventional firm is much more expensive. However, if you are seeking a consultation and/or legal advising you might want to look them up.

Where To Get Help and What You Should Expect

If you are set convinced and would like your contract checked by a professional lawyer, here is what you should expect.

Your contract is not the problem

People will argue and disagree on matters. This happens every day and for multiple reasons. But rest assured that your contract is not the problem. Because you got your contract checked by a professional, you will have the peace to know that if something goes wrong, the agreement is not at fault. Your contract is factual, authentic and realistic. Your contract describes exactly what you wanted it to say. The contract does not conflict with your personal views. There are no abstract ideas thrown in the air, or vague empty words added with no meaning or purposeful enhancement. If there is one thing you’re sure of is that your contract is a written version of your human self. In other words, if your employee does not agree or act according to the statements written in your contract, then maybe they are the ones who need to reconsider.

Furthermore, if you are the one signing a contract, you can rest assured that either the employer did not understand the terms and agreements you signed, or they are exploiting your services wrongfully. Because you got your contract checked, you know exactly what to expect. If the employer is not acting upon what you signed, you are free to take legal action if necessary.

Your contract does not interfere with the law

Your contract is lawful, legal, politically accurate and correct. It does not abuse the rights of individuals, clients or employees. It acts according to what is ethical, moral and just. Getting your contract checked by a professional lawyer will provide you with a foundation to make the most out of your goals and future agreements. The chances of your business getting a law suit will be close to none. You are free to know that your contract does not interfere with the law in anyway.

If you are signing a contract, then getting your contract reviewed will give you the confidence to work with your employer. You won’t have to worry about whether your rights are being exploited or if you’re being demanded more than you can provide.

Your contract should be checked by a qualified professional

A qualified lawyer will provide you with helpful clarity and feedback. They will read your contract and warn you of the following:

  • Unwanted surprises
  • Hidden charges
  • Vaguely worded provisions, exclusions or limitations

Instead they will assist you with the following:

  • Evaluate your contract thoroughly
  • Return a revision of your agreement
  • Highlight problematic areas that could be expressed better

When seeking a professional lawyer to check your contract, they should possess the following characteristics:

  • Lawyers provide a summary of your obligations along with the rights under the contract
  • Lawyers formate a clean report of the contract submitted that allows you to identify significant issues quickly
  • Documents sent back are in compliance with International Law in respect to digital signatures

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