Legal smarts without the price tag

Find out what to terms are negotiable, where to find free standard contracts and how to tailor them to your business. We have accumulated a list of things to help you keep running lean on the legal side, without compromising on your protection.
08 Mar 2017

The game of business - are you setup for success?

Learn how about the game of business: entering, managing relationships, getting help, keeping abreast with changes that affect the business, successful exits.
08 Mar 2017

Choose The Best Company Structure For Your Business

There are a few basic types of entities in business. We will explain all types briefly and give you some of the main reasons they are used for.
08 Mar 2017

Choosing The Best Company Structure For Your Business

There are a few basic types of entities in business. We will explain all types briefly and give you some of the main reasons they are used for.
08 Mar 2017

10 Reasons For Remortgaging Your Home

Remortgaging your home can give you a number of benefits depending on what your are trying to achieve. We cover 10 good reasons for considering this option.
08 Mar 2017

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Terms and Conditions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions around web site and conditions, including: why your website must have them, ensuring your visitors accept your terms,why you shouldn't copy them from someone else, and how you can this sorted straight away.
25 May 2016

Five Must Have Contracts for a Newly Formed LLCs

Once you have formed an LLC, one of the next steps is to get all the required contracts in order. Depending on the nature of your business, your contracts will vary. However, there are certain contracts that are crucial for your business interests. Here are 5 such legal documents that you should have in place, preferably within the first 90 days of forming the company: Operating Agreement, Employment Agreement / Independent Contractor Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Master Service Agreement and Website Legal Agreements.
29 Mar 2016

Gracefully Transition from Employment to Independent Freelancing

While you are excited to launch your freelance career, there can be a number of elements in your employment contract that can constrain your transition: restrictions in current employment contract, non-compete clause, non-client poaching clause and non-solicitation clause. We address these legal constraints below. However, most of these can be overcome through mutual agreement with your employer – if you manage to make a graceful transition. Thus, let us start by considering how you do that.
04 Mar 2016

Going Freelance? The Contracts To Consider

Ensuring that you as a freelancer are adequately informed to take responsibility for your rights and obligations when moving from Employment to Independence. Be mindful of constraints defined by your employment contract, tax compliance rules and get protection with 3 key contracts from the beginning: Contract for Professional Services, Confidentiality Agreement, Master Service Agreement
04 Mar 2016

Consultants - Be Sure to Maintain Your IR35 Status

IR35 is a potential minefield and it’s worth taking extra care to ensure you are compliant because the cost of non-compliance is a HMRC investigation and possibly fines, penalties and a bill for back tax owed. However, the rules and interpretation of IR35 are not always clear-cut. In fact, many cases brought against contractors by HMRC have been thrown out because the courts ruled that the interpretation applied by HMRC itself was incorrect.
15 Jan 2016

Employment Law and Your Business

There are some basic rules you need to follow to gain the correct licences to trade and be able to employ people. Employing staff means it is your responsibility by law in the UK, to look after the health and safety of all your employees. If you do not do this correctly you may end up being liable for expensive and serious legal action being made against you. This article covers the legal aspects you should be aware of when employing people.
04 Apr 2015

Contract Reviews: Here's Why They're Important

In today’s modern world, we make decisions through contracts. Whether that’s business contracts, leases, agreements or Terms & Conditions statements, we are surrounded by an overabundance of paperwork. Most of it confusing and boring paperwork that if not handled correctly, could result in serious legal issues.
30 Apr 2014

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